Sky Dwarves

The Sky Dwarves originally shared the deep caverns of the Iron Peaks nd were indistinguishable from their Deep Dwarves kin until one day, many millennium ago, a large group of Deep Dwarves animously decided to travel to the surface to discover what resided there. Upon breaking into the surface, the Dwarves encountered massive eagles, intelligent and with a similar clan structure as the Dwarves. Initially the Dwarves were convince that they had ascended into the heavens, but with some work the Eagles managed to assure the dwarves that they were just as mortal. Touched by the experience of seeing the sun and sky for the first time, and meeting the majestic Eagles The Dwarf families swore they would never live beneath the mountain again and thus were the Sky Dwarves  born.

The Sky Dwarves reside in the Iron Peaks living in stone and wooden fortresses dotted throughout. They are deeply protective of their mountain home and are constantly engaged in skirmishes with the Ironbound Orcs and Feral Ogres  that also make their homes atop the mountains. The Sky Dwarves live in unity with the Deep Dwarves who reside in the expansive caverns below the Iron Peaks and they provide trade exporting and importing for their reclusive cousins. The bond they formed with the Eagles has strengthened over the years and the two live in harmony, with the lesser eagles serving as beloved pets and companions to both. The Sky Dwarves  are able to build and provide more stable homes for the Giant Eagles and in turn the eagles provide scouting, military support and hunting, as well as a constant reminder of the wonders of being above ground.


The Sky Dwarves reside in the Iron Peaks, having a large capital settlement in the lower peaks, serving as an entrance to the caverns below and as their primary gateway to their Deep Dwarves cousins. In addition to this large capital settlement, the Sky Dwarves have dozens of fortified encampments scattered throughout the mountains populated by soldiers, merchants, other supportive roles, as well as their sentient eagle companions. 


Sky Dwarves are ruled over a single Clan Leader who is voted in by majority vote, and then serves for life. The Clan leader's voice carries complete law within Sky Dwarf society and carries the authority to appoint Talons as he sees fit. Talons serve as lieutenants and advisors as well as overseeing the smaller communities that make up Sky Dwarf society. The Talons speak with the authority of the Clan Leader in their absence. The only individual who carries equal authority to the Clan Leader of the Sky Dwarves the Clan Leader of the Deep Dwarves. Each individual Clan leader is responsible for their respective half of the Dwarven race and historically the respective clans will only focus on their own group. However, in order to keep the ties between the two strong and to ensure each understands the others role and strengths of the other clan, both leaders are expected to spend two months of each year serving over the other clan. 

If one clan leader no longer feels that the other is suited for leadership, they can challenge the leadership by putting it to vote. A clan leader can be remove only by death or by 3/4 of combined votes from combined clan leaders. If the vote goes against the leader, both clan leaders engage in a duel to the death with the winner assuming control of both clans until a new leader is elected. 


The majority of Sky Dwarves fall into two primary camps of religions. Some choose to worship totem spirits, typically in the form of eagles, or other flying beings. Others tend to fall into the traditional worship of primordial beings, commonly either manifestations of Air or Water. 


A practical people, Sky Dwarves tend to focus on providing only what they need to survive, and leave the creation of exportable goods to their subterranean kin. The main exception to this is the unmatched woodworking they conduct, notably the exceptionally crafted crossbows made from the rare ironwood found in the mountain ranges. Quarrels are typically crafted with care and fletched with the cast off feathers of noble eagles, and the Dwarves are unmatched in their skill with these weapons. 


The Sky Dwarves have two predominant allies that they live in a symbiotic harmony with. Their Deep Dwarves Cousins provide numerous goods for them to transport and trade with other races and communities in exchange for a reasonable share of imports, as well as sharing a mutual defense agreement from threats both above and below the mountain peaks. In addition, there are numerous communities of sentient giant eagles with whom the Sky Dwarves live harmoniously with. Frequently Sky Dwarves will form a lifebond with a GIant Eagle and the two will spend most of their waking hours together, soaring across the mountains and protecting both groups. Finally, the Sky Dwarves have a good trade relationship with the humans of Fallanstaff with whom they trade numerous goods with, and frequently will make trade runs to the Free Cities of the High Elves.


The primary enemies of the Sky Dwarves are the Ironbound Orcs, the scattered and poorly organized tribes who use primitive body modifications as trials of status and power. In addition to the loosely organized orcs, there are small families of ogres who will occasionally rise up to harass and attack the Sky Dwarves and their eagle companions.

Special Military:

The Sky Dwarves carry the Eagle Shock Troops in the highest regard, noble dwarves who form partnerships with the sentient eagles of the mountains. The Shock Troops are crossbow experts who work closely with their airborne partners to harry and harass their enemies while sniping them with their finely crafted crossbows. 

Sky Dwarves

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